Our Services



What is Renovation?

Our assistance extends from the initial concept to the successful realisation of your project. We offer a comprehensive range of services that cater to every aspect of your home’s interior design and decorating requirements. 

The services may include: 

  • Detailed drawings for remodelling projects
  • Creation of design concepts
  • Specifications for exterior finishes
  • Tailored kitchen and bathroom designs
  • Electrical layout and power plans
  • Customised ceiling designs
  • Flooring recommendations
  • Trim and bespoke cabinetry designs
  • Plumbing, tile, and fabrication guidelines
  • Choosing and overseeing contractors

We handle the delivery logistics and take full responsibility for the project implementation, making sure that the final result precisely matches the design and agreement established during the planning phase.

The scope of work, terms and cost are determined after the initial consultation, when the tasks facing us become clear. Start with a free on-site consultation from our designer.