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Interior Design Project

Design Project Process

Pre-project preparation

Design is the concept of how your future interior will be arranged and what it will look like. Our goal is to work with you closely to understand your preferences and desires, ensuring that the end result reflects your tastes and personal inclinations. We’ll begin by identifying the tasks at hand, discussing your aspirations, and then presenting you with our creative ideas.

Throughout the process, we will collaborate, incorporating your input and feedback, sketching and visualising concepts, and providing examples to help guide your decisions. Our aim is to assist you in achieving precisely what you desire.

The outcome of this collaborative effort will be a comprehensive Design Project, containing a collection of drawings, diagrams, tables, and photorealistic images. These elements are essential to bring our collective vision to life.

This stage involves:

  • initial consultations
  • discussing requirements
  • addressing issues
  • precise measurements of the property

This phase results in a detailed measurement drawing reflecting the property’s current state and all the nesessary notes.

1. Phase one - ready functional and furniture layouts

This phase includes the creation and review of planning solutions. The iterations are conducted as many times as needed until the floor plan achieves perfection. The planning solution may include: 

  • furniture plan
  • furniture specifications
  • other details

2. Phase two - a collage or a mood board

This phase involves creation of a document comprised of online images, hand-drawn sketches, and links to photos displaying various solutions or furnishings. Its purpose is to provide a rough visual representation of the anticipated renovation outcome.

3. Phase three - 3D visualisations

This stage includes 3D visualization to produce photo realistic images of each room, meticulously adhering to your style preferences. This phase allows for up to three revisions, ensuring the final result aligns with your vision while considering practicality and cost-effectiveness.

We only propose solutions that are attainable, within budget, and feasible to create.

4. Phase four - plans and layouts for contractors

This phase is dedicated to the design aspect, involving a comprehensive set of drawings, tables, diagrams, and documentation essential for construction and contractors. Set of drawings may include:
  • partition & millwork plan
  • furniture plan
  • plumbing plan
  • reflected ceiling plan with lighting
  • electrical & switching plan
  • finishes plan
  • interior millwork & elevations
  • other details

Ready Design Project

Ultimately, you’ll receive a project design folder encompassing all documentation and images, providing a comprehensive blueprint for your property, along with specifications and all the nesessary documentation and notes for contractors. 

Designer fee

We charge a designer fee of 6 CAD per square foot plus taxes for interior design services covering an entire house or at least a whole story. For individual rooms, the fee is 8 CAD per square foot plus taxes.

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The payment process proceeds in several stages:

   0. Initial consultation: It is entirely free for you if your house is situated in the GTA.

  1. Pre-project preparation: This phase includes measurement work and preparation of initial drawings. We require a 10% deposit before starting this work.
  2. Layout and floor plan development: In this phase, we develop layouts and floor plans. We review all options for the arrangement of zones, placement of furniture, cabinets, doors, and partitions.
  3. 3D visualization development: Once the layout and floor plans are completed and approved, we proceed to develop 3D visualizations of all interiors. An additional 30% of the designer fee is required to start this stage.
  4. Technical documentation development: After the 3D visualizations are approved by you, we take another 30% of the designer fee and move on to the development of technical documentation.
  5. Project completion: Upon finishing the technical documentation, we deliver it to you. At this point, settling the remaining 30% of the designer fee is required, and we proceed to the stage of procurement and design support.

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