Our Advantages


We try to understand you

We try to understand your goals, your demands, your opportunities

Amazing work ethics

One of our main tasks at work is to understand your goals, and then make sure that all decisions are made in accordance with them.

Very transparent billing

We provide a detailed report on the actual amounts spent on your tasks.

You can just do your job while we do everything else.

We need a minimum of your attention and presence. You will always have someone you can rely on when you are away.

Shop within your budget

We shop around a lot to make sure you get the best pricing and timing within your budget. We conduct a market audit to find the most favorable and reasonable prices, both from contractors and suppliers of materials, furniture, and equipment.

Response to your request as soon as possible

We are always in touch, a personal designer will be assigned to you and your project, who will always be aware of everything that is happening and will be able to provide you with prompt response and assistance.

We are minimalist experts

We have been creating Interiors in Minimalist style since 2008 and have helped more than 240 people transform their space into functional, cozy and beautiful environment. The designs we create are client-lifestyle-focused, functional, simple; and minimalism allows us to make it look ultra-modern and aesthetically appealing.

Allow yourself the best designers

Entrust the development of the project to the best specialists in this field and you will receive:

Designed in the most iconic contemporary style

We are Toronto's premier minimalist apartment design specialists. For more than 15 years we have been specializing in the design of apartments in this style.

The most complete and detailed design project for your apartment

We will offer you our ideas, consider yours, draw, draw, advise and help you make decisions.

A complete set with everything you need

We will find all the materials, all the furniture, equipment and all the contractors that will be needed in order to bring to life what we put in the design project.

High-quality repair and supervision

We will carry out the renovation of your apartment in accordance with the design project. Or we will monitor the work at the construction site if you do the repairs on your own.