FAQ about minimalism in real life

Due to the fact that Minimalism is a very unusual style, limited in means of expression, the main moods are created in it with the help of contrasts. So if we want to create a feeling of comfort, then our task is to create a contrast between a cozy place and the rest of the room. This is how we are arranged as people, that it is easier for us to evaluate something if we have something to compare with. So we can use this effect to create coziness.

For example, in a large spacious room with a stone floor, putting a white fluffy carpet in the corner near the bookcase, putting a plump armchair and a small floor lamp with a pleasant warm light that contrasts with the rest of the neutral environment. Once in such a room, you simply cannot resist flopping into such an armchair in a cozy corner and reading an interesting book.

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No, you will have more attention to yourself and your inner world, and you will fill the space with your current interests, thoughts. Minimalism is unique in that it allows you to fill yourself with what is important right now, and when the situation changes, the perception of space changes – through the little things, everyday things.