Interior Design in Minimalist Style

Full-service Interior Design in Toronto

Full-service Interior Design
in Toronto

Interior Design in the Minimalist Style
is our Primary Service

Our studio is offering a comprehensive service package that includes:

1. Initial Consultation: We Understand your needs and vision

2. Space Planning: We create efficient and aesthetic layout of your space

3. Work with References: We discuss our ideas and your preferences

4. Design and 3D-Visualization: We Create detailed realistic visualizations to help you envision the final space

5. Development of Technical Documentation: We Prepare all necessary drawings and specifications for execution

6. Basic assistance in Procurements: We Help you select and procure materials, furniture, and equipment

Our current projects

Take a look at the projects we are currently working on:

How is the interior design of a home developed?

The work is carried out in several stages

Phase 0:
Initial Consultation

up to 3 days from consultation request

It all starts with a meeting at your construction site with our lead designer for an initial consultation. We review the site, discuss your requirements, preferences, budget, and timelines. We’ll introduce ourselves, showcase examples of our work, discuss solutions and outline a plan of action. The first consultation within the GTA is free. You can request it here.

Phase 1:
Pre-project Preparation

approx 7 business days

During this phase, we examine all technical and architectural documentation you provide. We perform photographic documentation and measurement work if necessary. We show and discuss references and examples of design solutions that can be used in designing the interiors of your home. At this stage, we also prepare initial plans.

Phase 2:
Development of Layout Solutions

approx 10 business days

We prepare several layout options for your future home. Often, there are various suitable ways to arrange zones in the home, place furniture, install partitions, and organize passages. We study all options and present the most successful ones for discussion. Then we refine the selected solution to ensure it is convenient, beautiful, stylish and pleasing.

Phase 3:
Working with References

approx 3 business days

We show you design solutions through photographs from completed projects, our projects, and examples from the internet. This phase helps us better understand each other: we learn about your tastes, and you learn about our tasks and methods. In this stage, we could use collages and moodboards.

Phase 4:
Design and Visualization

approx 30 business days,
depending on the house size

For each room in your house, we create a computer 3D model to show you the entire design and all our proposed solutions. We prepare several photorealistic images of each room’s future interior, discuss these with you, and make revisions. This phase includes up to three revisions of 3D visualizations for each room.

Phase 5:
Technical Documentation

approx 15 business days,
depending on the house size

Once the design and all visualizations are ready, we develop a package of technical documentation necessary to bring the planned design to life. This package includes floor, ceiling, partition, lighting fixtures, finish plans, and wall elevations. It also contains specifications indicating the required quantities of materials.

Phase 6:
Assistance with Purchases

throughout the construction time

During the design implementation stage, designer assistance is often required. We occasionally visit the construction site to monitor the progress of renovation and finishing work. We help you find and purchase all necessary furniture, equipment, and materials, as well as contractors and suppliers.

What is included in our project?

What do we provide to you upon completion of the design development?

At the end of our project development, we deliver the design project to you in paper form, presented as an album. This album consists of two parts:

  1. An album of final 3D visualizations (3-7 renders for each room of your house).
  2. The project component of the design, which includes:

  • The measurement plan
  • Floor plans
  • Ceiling plans
  • Layout plans for partitions
  • Furniture layout plans
  • Lighting fixture layout plan
  • Wall elevations
  • Drawings, and schematics of details
  • Specifications of materials
  • Specifications of equipment

After project development is finished, we move on to the stage of procurement and design support

How much does it cost
and how do we charge the designer fee

The current rates for services provided by our studio are valid
until June 30, 2024

We charge a designer fee of 6 CAD per square foot plus taxes for interior design services covering an entire house or at least a whole story. For individual rooms, the fee is 8 CAD per square foot plus taxes.

The payment process proceeds in several stages:

0. Initial consultation: It is entirely free for you if your house is situated in the GTA.

1. Pre-project preparation: This phase includes measurement work and preparation of initial drawings. We require a 10% deposit before starting this work.

2. Layout and floor plan development: In this phase, we develop layouts and floor plans. We review all options for the arrangement of zones, placement of furniture, cabinets, doors, and partitions.

3. 3D visualization development: Once the layout and floor plans are completed and approved, we proceed to develop 3D visualizations of all interiors. An additional 30% of the designer fee is required to start this stage.

4. Technical documentation development: After the 3D visualizations are approved by you, we take another 30% of the designer fee and move on to the development of technical documentation.

5. Project completion: Upon finishing the technical documentation, we deliver it to you. At this point, settling the remaining 30% of the designer fee is required, and we proceed to the stage of procurement and design support.

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What makes us different from other design studios?

The crucial reasons why we differ from other studios

For more than 15 years we have been focusing on minimalist interior design

Unlike many other design studios, we specialize in a specific style. We understand that it's impossible to be an expert in everything and every style. That's why we have chosen what we truly love and to which we have a natural affinity — minimalism. We knew that by specializing, we might lose some potential clients. However, this approach allows us to work in a style we enjoy, on projects that resonate with us, and with people whose views are aligned with our own.

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Minimalism is more than a design style

Minimalism is a concept or philosophy that goes beyond design and can be applied to various aspects of life. It is a way of thinking and living that encourages us to live more consciously, reducing excess, and focusing on the essential aspects of life.

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Common sense is the key principle of our studio

All design decisions made by our studio during the project are carefully weighed and evaluated for their relevance to the goals set and to common sense. We pay a lot of attention to ensure that we invest time, attention, effort, and the resources of our clients into what truly matters for their lives.

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Our completed projects

Explore our recently completed projects

Why minimalism is so unique for interiors

Our reasons to work only with this style

It is the most iconic style

We consider it to be the most vivid, recognizable, and sought-after style of contemporary interior design in today's world. Many people easily recognize it by its simplicity, uniqueness, and impeccability.

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Impeccability is the core principle of minimalist style

In this style, the most important thing is not emptiness or simplicity, but impeccability. It grows from people's desire to discard everything unnecessary and unimportant in their lives for what they truly value and consider essential.

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Functionality and practicality

Minimalism is different from other styles because it doesn't need extra decorations like fancy details, molding, or gold plating. Instead, it focuses on what's really essential: simplicity, functionality and practicality.

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Inner freedom

People who like the minimalist style are special. They stand out because of their desire for inner freedom and impeccability, which focuses them on what truly matters in their lives.

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Why choose us

What are your benefits

We take time to understand your goals, needs, taste, and preferences, ensuring every detail of the project aligns with them.

We are your all-in-one solution, streamlining the process of finding the perfect furniture, top-notch equipment, and skilled contractors.

Our expert guidance during the repair process will provide insights into where to allocate your investments wisely and identify areas where cost-saving opportunities can be leveraged.

Our dedicated team meticulously scours the market to secure the finest pricing and optimal timelines that align seamlessly with your budgetary requirements.

We provide a detailed report on the actual amounts spent on your tasks.

We take responsibility for every aspect of the project, we manage work of all contractors, ensuring quality, timeliness, and on-plan execution.

We commit to sustainable and functional design practices, prioritising the use of eco-friendly materials, energy-efficient lighting, and sustainable construction techniques.

Compare our projects with real results

Those are some examples of our completed projects with 3D visuzlisations

Compare our projects with real results:

Those are some examples of our completed projects with 3D visuzlisations

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