What are the unique features of minimalism?


For us, this is not only an interior style

it is a lifestyle

We learn and develop our ability to prioritize, choose what really matters, and enjoy it. We choose the best and invest in it, while creating a space in which it is much easier to open up to new ideas and opportunities, to think about ourselves, to be the center of our own lives.

Let us to share our vision with you.

Focus on yourself

By being free from visual noise, you have more possibilities to focus on yourself.

Minimalism is an unusual style. It’s not just beautiful in and of itself. He has one quality that we really like. It does not insist and does not dictate its own rules, it allows you to leave the inner state you now have.  

Minimalism frees us from the influence of unnecessary things, unnecessary fuss in objects and emotions that often accompany our daily life, things, environment. In minimalism, the main thing is you and your inner world, your state and what you want to fill it with today.

Choose what really matters

Minimalism teaches us to appreciate and fall in love with what really matters and gives us true satisfaction.

Minimalism is designed in such a way that by itself it forms the focus of our attention on what is really important for us, teaches us to prioritize, to choose what will most improve the quality of life and bring maximum pleasure.

Here, it is much easier to give up unnecessary things that only clog our lives and take away resources. Instead, we learn to separate the important from the unimportant, save money, time, and invest it in one or two items that we really need.

Simplicity & Richness

The beauty of details

Creating a minimalist interior requires its own approach. There is a lot of attention to detail and finish here – natural materials in pure, simple forms, where the richness of impressions comes from texture, color, small details.

Light matters a lot. We often use light, which is a design element in itself. For example, the shape of the light spot that the sconce casts over your bed.

Light, combined with quality materials, quality workmanship, gives an impression of subtle, graceful elegance and high cost, and this appears even when we look at objects that are very simple in shape. Sometimes it’s even hard to say what makes a simple white wall look expensive. It’s all about the details, the quality of the work and the right prioritization.